How To Get the Fortnite Shockwave Launcher During Fortnite Season 8

The lengthy awaited and extraordinarily expected Fortnite Shockwave Launcher has in the end been unvaulted in-game.

After the network pooled collectively and donated an astronomical quantity of Gold Bars, the object is now out of the vault and need to begin acting at the island.

The Shockwave Launcher has lower back to Fortnite following an in-sport ballot which noticed the weapon earn the bulk of fan aid over the Rift-To-Go.

It’s the primary such fan vote of its kind, however greater may be coming for the duration of the entire season, so shop a few gold bars for what is next.

The Shockwave Launcher received the fan vote easily, with over 70% of votes throughout numerous weeks of in-game voting.

Players can make contributions their gold bars to the War Effort all season and determine which guns and objects might be unvaulted in Season 8.

As of now, the Shockwave Launcher may be located in everyday chests, Cosmic Chests, and Supply Drops.

Fan favorite weapon fires long-range shockwave grenades, giving them more air than the shockwave grenades typically thrown.

When landing, Shockwave Grenades cause an area-of-effect attack that kicks players away from the explosion based on their location, but also protects those players from fall damage.

So, it’s mainly used as a nuisance so as not to inflict damage.

Clever gamers are regarded to apply it to fling combatants again into the storm, or maybe shoot it at the back of their very own ft so that they may be thrust ahead to fast scale builds or break out danger.

Within the storyline, those unvaulting efforts are led via way of means of Season 8 conflict by skip hero J.B. Chimpanski, the space-faring ape who’s decided to keep off the chance of the cubes.

Earlier this season, players’ contributions led to extra AA weapons being constructed across the island, and Epic guarantees greater fan-pushed unvaultings all season long.

Shockwave Launcher has finally been unvaulted in Fortnite Season 8:

A quick whilst ago, the Shockwave Launcher changed into eventually unvaulted in-game.

As visible withinside the video published on twitter, it passed off stay at some stage in a match.

And the participant who donated the ultimate little bit of Gold Bars to absolutely fund the object obtained some of those Mythic guns as a token of appreciation.

Oddly enough, the weapon has yet to be added to the game’s loot and gamers are starting to wonder where to find the Shockwave Launcher in Fortnite Season 8.

Epic Games commonly uploads little teasers of latest guns or gadgets while they are delivered to the game.

However as of now, no authentic assertion has been made through the developers.

Suffice to say, that despite the fact that the weapon has been unvaulted, it is but to be delivered to the game.

While it’s unclear exactly when or where players will be able to get their hands on the unused Mythic weapon, there is some speculation about it.


1.      Purchasing it from Item Donation Board

The maximum apparent vicinity to accumulate this weapon ought to be the Item Donation Board. Sadly, as of now, it does now no longer appear to be working.


The board simplest showcases that the Shockwave Launcher won, however it cannot be purchased.


2.      Searching chests or buying it from NPCs

Another opportunity is that the object can be determined in chests or may be bought from NPCs.

This makes feel given that, over the path of the season, three extra objects might be up for vote at the Item Donation Board.

Furthermore, for the reason that there are various NPCs at the island at this factor that promote no amazing weapons, the builders might also additionally permit them to promote gamers the Fortnite Shockwave Launcher in alternate for Gold Bars.

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