How to Downgrade Android 10 to 9

Complete guide for downgrade your device

Today I’m gonna tech you how to downgrade any Android version into previous one.

Android downgrade

Basically many people want’s to downgrade his device Android version there’s many reasons behind downgrade.

Personally when i got android 9 pie update and see so  many old features missing then. suddenly i want to do downgrade my device 

But one day i fine the way to downgrade my device. 

Let’s Start with basics steps

Backup your Android device

You need to backup your device because your all date erased after downgrading, So Backup you all important Data.

Find previous ROM For Android

It’s totally depends on which company smartphone you use. 

If you don’t know about android ROM, and want to find your device rom then comment down below. I’ll provide you a rom based on you device model 

Exp. For Samsung device you can find any rom for any model on Sammobiles

Flash tool For Android

Android downgrade

If you don’t know what is it? Then please don’t try to do experiment without any proper knowledge. 

Flash tool is basically A android tool to flash your device rom and install any custom rom or global rom in your device.

Different company have a different flash tool 

Exp. For Samsung mobile Odin is a flash tool

Flash tool basically use to fix a broken device and also upgrade and downgrade your device into different Android version.

Process for Downgrade Android

You need to put your device into downloading mode follow these steps

Power off > press vol up+power+home

  • First of all you need to dwnld your global Android 9 rom.
  •  install compatible flash tool for you mobile. 
  • Make sure all mobile drivers are install and upto date
  • Connect you device
  • Device battery above 50%
  • Open flash tool
  • Then select flash rom option
  • Locate your dwnld rom 
  • Then press Start

Make Sure Do not remove your device before Successful Message. 

If you need any help regarding this topic related please feel free to comment down below and also you can contact me in contact us page for downgrade any device.

 Good Day!☺️

Note: Downgrading process may broke/Dead your device and I’m not responsible for this if you need future help reach out to me.

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