Stickman Dismounting Mod apk – Unlimited Coins, latest version 2022

Are you interested in doing great stunts with your vehicles or trying out new tracks with interesting terrain instead of competing against other players? Want to explore the deadliest accidents that you can have in your vehicle? Looking for relaxing games like Turbo Dismount or Earn to Die 2? Then you’ve come to the right place. Stickman dismounting Mod apk gamers will enjoy relatively refreshing gameplay where they can be proud to have your driver break his neck or hit his head on the ground. 

Stickman Dismounting Mod apk

 Name  Stickman Dismounting 
 Updated  Dec 28, 2021 
 Compatible with  Android 2.3+ 
 Last version  3.0 
 Size  22.55 Mb 
 MOD  Unlimited Money, Coins 
 Category  Simulation
 Developer  ViperGames 
 Price  Free 
 Google Play Link  com.ViperGames.StickmanDismount 

 Stickman games always keep a stable position in the best game genres regardless of the time. Shadow Fight 2 or Mr. Bow are outstanding titles in this genre. And believe me, Stickman Dismounting is just as popular as the previous two games.

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It was released at the end of 2018 and has now reached 10 million downloads on Google and lots of winged comments, this is the game not to be missed if you love Stickman.

Stickman Dismounting Gameplay

It is not natural that Stickman Dismounting can dispel your inhibitions and anger. This is completely ingrained. The gameplay of this game is strange! If the previous games you played had to help the protagonist defeat your opponents, save the world or solve puzzles, then this game is exactly the opposite.

Your job is simply to torture a stick man until he is run over. You will still control the stickman but will plunge him into fatal accidents with scary remedies like a giant guillotine, bombs, bullets. With each collision, the character will break some bones. So fierce! 

In order to cause damage to the characters, you need to control them to take part in the kills already organized in the game. Help your character fly into the “comfortable” position so the saw blades can cut into pieces. You can also use different vehicles to cause catastrophic traffic accidents.

It’s barbaric, but you’re not responsible for the poor man from Stickman Dismounting. He is immortal, he will return soon! 

Stickman Dismounting Mod apk

Torture in Many Different Ways

Stickman Dismounting has different accessories that are arranged in different ways. It’s not really noticeable at the first level, you just get used to the game. The rest, however, will be whole different killer heaven.

Open a door to the art of death. Your character will be “submerged” in storms and hurricane bombs, broken bones all over your body, and will hardly ever be safe. The game won’t really stop until your character falls to the ground without taking any damage for 3 seconds.

There are a total of 15 levels in Stickman Dismounting, which means the guy who gets stuck will be killed at least 15 times in a game. However, to get higher levels you still need to get the required score of the previous levels.

In addition, you can also cause catastrophic accidents in the game thanks to the vehicles available. A car, 300cc motorcycle, or cannon are also not a bad choice for getting a nice kill. 


The design of Stickman Dismounting is based on two colors mainly black and white and a few other basic colors. The game doesn’t invest much in graphics, but it is fantastic and has insane gameplay.

A lot of you are afraid to watch bloody scenes, but don’t worry because the Stickman teardown footage isn’t too violent. They are simulated on stickman characters so they don’t look too spooky. Just consider it as a heavy entertainment game, it will help you relieve the pressure effectively.


And what could be more interesting than experiencing the epic driving simulation in Stickman Dismounting while listening to the pleasant crunches of broken necks, broken bones, etc. of your character? 


Find all the cool features the game has to offer here:

Simple and Intuitive Controls

For starters, Stickman dismounting players have access to simple controls that are extremely easy to access. However, you can get to grips with the game relatively quickly. Additionally, the simplified controls on the touchscreen allow players to focus more on creating stunts than on performing them.

Realistic Physics and Fluid Gameplay

And while you immerse yourself in the refreshing gameplay, you’ll have a lot of fun with the realistic physics as it allows players to experience Ragdoll’s unique gameplay. Experience incredible stunts as you make your vehicles run smoothly. Explore

several levels with different requirements

The game presents players with a number of interesting levels that they have to overcome, and each presents unique requirements for you to complete that give your player some bruises, break an arm or a leg, too smash their faces up and down as you roll several laps. Feel free to let your creativity run wild as you perform these incredible stunts and unlock incredible point bonuses.

Drive Epic Vehicles

With a huge collection of different vehicles to use, Stickman Dismounting allows Android players to choose multiple attractions and experience unique stunts. Rickshaw if you want. In addition, you can also customize your rides for more exotic experiences. So it will be a lot of fun to ride in it.

A huge collection of unique tracks to explore.

Plus, in Stickman Dismounting, you will race a variety of different racetracks. Since each track has its own unique obstacles and challenges, you will have a lot of fun creating stunts on these awesome maps.

Experience a variety of level adjustments

Together with the extensive level system, you also have the opportunity to experience unique level adjustments. Feel free to add a few bumps along the way so you can roll harder. some wrecking balls are in the way for more challenging gameplay. The ability to create obstacles and opportunities for incredible stunts is entirely up to you.

Create Awesome Stunts That Are Out Of This World

With all the support features available, the game allows players to create awesome stunts that nobody can think of in a convenient and interesting way. Vary Your Vehicles, Customize Your Maps It’s time to perform incredible stunts that are just out of this world.

Record your accomplishments whenever you want

And since you spent all the time and effort creating these stunts, it would be nice if we could somehow record them. Knowing this, the makers of ViperGames have also integrated the amazing replay option. Apart from that, you can easily save your amazing stunts, play the videos and save them with ease. And if you want, you can share the awesome stunts with all of your friends online too. Find out who can deliver the best videos.

Free to Play

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store completely free of charge, so you can easily install it on your devices without paying anything. However, since the game has in-app purchases and ads, some of you might get a little annoying. 

Download Stickman Dismounting MOD APK for Android

A game that looks violent, but brings a lot of laughter of humor. This mod gives you access to unlimited coins. And if that’s the case, our modified version of the game might satisfy you. However, Android players can easily download Stickman Dismounting Mod APK from our website on your phone and you can enjoy the game with unlimited coins unlocked.

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