GTA 5 like games on mobile

GTA 5 is among the most popular PC games but despite its absence from mobile platforms, you can still enjoy the same experience with these alternatives.

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GTA 5 on mobile! That would be a dream come true for mobile gamers. Even after seven years of its release, GTA 5 has remained within the confines of PC and consoles.

The GTA clone from Gameloft studios in its latest avatar is another way to get your GTA frills without spending any money. The game has a open world to explore wherein your character gets to drive fancy cars, live in mansions, wear new clothes, do story missions, make money and the gangster stuff. The game is well optimised for mobile devices and is usually fun to play.

Tommy Vercetti comes to the smartphone screen from your computer in this mobile port. You get to play as the gangster in a fictional 80's replica of Miami, complete with neon lights and and pretty scenes. You get hundreds of story missions to play, cars to steal, and places to explore. In fact, rumours have it that GTA VC could be the base for the upcoming GTA 6.

Payback 2 is more reminiscent of GTA 5 than the GTA titles listed here. The graphics is easily top notch and the gameplay isn't far behind. You get to drive muscle cars, shoot at gangsters, race helicopters, roam around the streets and more. The game also hosts special events with weekly challenges to keep players engaged.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, or GTA SA is the closest you can get to having the GTA 5 experience. GTA SA was a PC and console game a decade ago and laid foundations for GTA 5.

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