Baal Aadhaar Card for Children Below 5 Years


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Government has removed the need of Baal Aadhaar card  biometric data enrollment of children below 5-years of age.

Baal Aadhaar card for Children Below 5 Years 

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), has introduced  major changes in the application process for Baal Aadhaar Card i.e,  Aadhaar card for children below 5 years.

Now, parents are allowed to apply for their child’s Aadhaar enrollment by providing the hospital’s certificate or slip where the child was born. Earlier, biometric verification was mandatory for children under the age of five as well.

However, now parents of children below 5-years age will be required to  submit only two documents - Child’s Birth Certificate and Aadhaar (or  Enrolment slip) of one of the parents, preferably that of the mother.

Baal Aadhar Card Eligibility

The applicant’s child must be a citizen of India. The child must be under the age of five at the time of Aadhaar registration.

Baal Aadhar Card Documents required

The child’s birth certificate issued by the Registrar of Birth,  Municipal Corporation or any other notified local government bodies like  Taluk, Tehsil etc. or discharge card/ slip issued by Government  hospitals for birth of a child. -Proof of address -Parents’ Aadhar card number -A passport size photo of the child. -Phone number

How to apply for Baal Aadhaar Card

Step 1: First visit the official website of the UIDAI. Step 2: Go to Aadhaar enrollment tab and fill in the required details for a child. Step 3: Complete the registration.

Step 4: Once done, you’ll be required to visit the nearest AAdhaar  enrollment centre along with the relevant documents including Proof of  Identity (POI), Proof of Address (POA), Proof of Relationship (POR), and  Date of Birth (DOB).

Step 5: Get all of your paperwork to be examined by an officer. If  your child is above the age of five, biometric data will be gathered,  however, for children under the age of five; just demographic  information and facial recognition is required.