Cybecriminals are sending Gmail scam emails to users to steal money via phishing attacks.

You must be used to the news of all kinds of Gmail email scams through phishing attacks or bait attacks. Unfortunately, there is no escape!

Only way to save your money is to be informed and be active while avoiding falling victim to cyber attacks. However, it is not easy and these cybercriminals keep coming up with clever ways to lure Gmail and other email services users and then trick them into parting with their money.

Now, a new wave of dangerous messages via email have been released that have the potential to lead your personal information to land in the hands of hackers.

With the upcoming Christmas and New Year international events, the presence of users on the internet is increasing day by day. Even the recent Black Friday sale season boosted internet usage to another height.

It has led to cyber fraudsters becoming even more active on the internet trying to cash in with phishing messages. The misleading messages claim to be coming from well-known courier companies promising to deliver parcels to users.

Avanan, the email security solution provider, reported that starting in November 2021, it has observed a new information harvesting attack where attackers spoofed an undelivered package notification from DHL or such trusted delivery brands hoping to trick the users to click on a link.

Though, the link is basically a trap to get your credentials. How fake mail looks like? The email starts off by stating that a parcel is "undelivered" from DHL. It further urges users to register the address, as well as other information, online to ensure that the package arrives on time and in the correct location.