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View an Instagram Story without letting the person know, no other app needed.

Wonder how to see Instagram Stories secretly without letting others know? Instagram does not give you the option to care for your privacy, unlike WhatsApp.

Every time you want to see someone's Instagram Stories, the app will show them that you have viewed the story. If the person is your enemy, or ex-crush, or you care for your privacy, this can be bad.

How to watch Instagram Stories without letting others know?

There are two ways in which you can do so. Both of these can be performed from your phone, hence there's no need to install a third-party app, or connect it to a computer.

1. Holding transition animation

This is essentially a hack to get a sneak peek of someone's Instagram Stories content. This is not the best way to do it and works best with still photo based Stories.

On the Instagram app, locate the Story you want to view secretly. - Now click on the next Insta Story to view it. - Next, long press on the Story to pause it.

You will now need to slowly swipe towards the previous story. Keep dragging the animations lowly until you start seeing the contents of the Insta Stories. - This way, Instagram doe snot register a “view” and hence, your view is invisible to the person. - Note that you have to make the transition very slowly. A slightly faster swipe speed and you will be thrown into that story, which will then show the view.

2. Good old Airplane mode

Yes, the Airplane mode is still a good way to get a glimpse of Instagram Stories without registering your view.

- Open the Instagram app and let the app load up all the Stories in the background. - Once loaded, get out of the app and put it in the background. - Turn on the Airplane/Flight mode on your smartphone.

- Now open the Instagram app and tap on your desired Instagram Stories. - You will be able to see all the content normally without registering a view for the post. - Once done, get out of the app and turn off airplane mode. You can now continue browsing Instagram normally.

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