iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus Features 


iPhone 14 Pro just out for customers across the world, several people are already taking advantage of this new device.

Brush Stroke

One of the most interesting features of the iPhone 14 Pro is its new design. Apple replaced the notch with a new pill cutout – which is actually a pill + whole punch. But, more interestingly, is that this cutout is also interactive, combining hardware and software to bring a new experience for customers.



Top 5 Hidden iPhone hacks

1. Camera focus trick

4. Recording video? Take photos as well!

3. Snap photo with voice commands

5. Delete text just with a good shake!

2. Don’t like the mess over the home screen? Hide apps

Crash detection

With iOS 16, Apple introduced the Crash Detection capability for the iPhone. In Google Pixel, this function debuted for the first time. It was added by Google to the app for personal security. It is currently only available for Pixel devices. In case of an accident, Apple’s crash detection feature also offers the ability to set up SOS similar to Google’s feature.

The iPhone 14 Pro introduces for the first time a 48MP camera. Although most of the time you’ll shoot with a 12MP resolution, users can shoot 48MP for the first time when using the ProRAW format.

iPhone 14 Plus Camera

iPhone 14 Pro Brings Satellite Connectivity

Lost in the middle of the Mojave Desert? Your hike through a National Park went a bit wrong? With the iPhone 14 Pro, you finally have satellite connectivity, meaning you can make emergency calls and send emergency texts when you’re out of signal.