Facebook and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses to be Announce on Sept. 9

Ray-Ban has announced on its website Facebook and Ray-Ban Smart glasses will be produced in collaboration with Ray-Ban with Facebook. The trailer contains a banner with a silhouette of glasses with the date “09.09.2021”, possibly the date of the product announcement.

We could first see the Facebook and Ray-Ban smart glasses on September 9th.

  • Facebook and RayBan announced the next smart glasses.
  • Details of the smart glasses will be announced on September 9th.
  • The smart glasses are expected to offer an overview function.

Banner also includes a registration form for users to receive launch notifications.

That being said, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his VP of Augmented and Virtual Reality, Andrew Bosworth, shared videos on their Facebook and Twitter accounts that could be a quick glimpse of the smart glasses.

Facebook and Ray-Ban Smart glasses

Zuckerberg confirms Facebook and Ray-Ban smart glasses will be the next product:

In July, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook’s next product would be a smart glasses partnership with parent company Ray-Ban EssilorLuxottica.

Rumors of smart glasses Facebook and Ray-Ban have been circulating since 2019, and at the time they even bore the codename “Orion”. Then it was also assumed that smart glasses could replace smartphones.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the smart glasses would go on sale in 2021, but without digital coverage technology.

Confirming that smart glasses are indeed emerging, Zuckerberg said that he is also striving to create smart glasses with full augmented reality.

Video teasers include perspective footage while the duo are on vacation and spend time in nature.

Andrew Bosworth’s tweet contains emoji in sunglasses along with a video.

While not much is known about the smart glasses, it is highly likely that the September 9 event will be an announcement that will reveal some details and possibly a release date for the glasses.

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg said the smart glasses, in partnership with RayBan, will be the company’s next hardware release.

The launch schedule was not disclosed. As reported by The Verge, Zuckerberg, speaking of the glasses, said the glasses have the iconic RayBan look and allow you to do some pretty cool stuff.

RayBan glasses are produced in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica. We’ll know what “interesting content” is when we have more information on Thursday.

 Facebook and Ray-Ban Smart glasses

Augmented reality and the Zuckerberg metaverse:

The idea of ​​full augmented reality smart glasses can be said to be in line with the super-reverse vision of the Facebook CEO.

Zuckerberg also first came up with the idea last July, and since then Facebook has created a team that will focus on making the metaverse a reality.

According to Zuckerberg, idea of ​​a metaverse is not only about games or virtual reality (VR), but also involving other companies, creators, and developers to make it a reality.

The metaverse you’re planning will also be available on multiple platforms, including mobile, game consoles, PC, VR, and AR.

According to the report, smart glasses will not have a built-in display and will not be classified as augmented reality devices. Can be operated via a smartphone app.

But if the teaser for Zuckerberg and Bosworth is about an upcoming release, the smart glasses will have a point of view feature that will allow users to take pictures from their point of view.

Details of Facebook and Ray-ban smart glasses like the title, release date, and features will be released after Facebook announces the product.

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