Google Assistant’s Family Bell feature is now available on mobile

The feature was previously only available on Google Assistant on home devices, but now it’s finally rolling out on mobile.

The feature mimicked what kids would experience at school, as it allowed users to set up bell reminders throughout the day for activities like online classes, breaks, and more.

To set up Family Bell on your phone, head over the Assistant settings and tap on the new Family Bell option. On the following page, configure a custom Family Bell or pick one of the new suggestions.

Once everything’s set up, Google Assistant will play a school bell at the specified time and remind you to tackle your tasks.

If you have smart lights, the feature can also be customized to trigger the lights when the school bell goes off. The feature should be available in English for all Google Assistant users

It’s worth noting that the Family Bell feature rolled out with a new Google Assistant action that allowed users to play the sounds of a school hall by saying, “Hey Google, start the school day!”

The command also brought up school-themed visuals on smart displays. This feature is already available on mobile devices, and it plays a school bell and other sounds that you’d commonly hear at a school.