There are a number of Android tips and tricks you can use to boost mobile performance. Check top 5 Next.

How to boost mobile performance

Top 5 Android Tips and Tricks to boost mobile performance

1. Uninstall unused apps, free the memory  2. Customize your message notifications  3. You can Install apps outside the Play store  4. Don’t underestimate Antivirus  5. Upgrade your Storage

1. Uninstall unused apps, free the memory

the basic funda for every smartphone user. Memory full? Uninstall unused apps. It will automatically boost your phone performance. Unfortunately, some Android models come with the pre-installed apps which are of sometimes are of no use for you and you can't even uninstall them. But you can at least choose Disable them to use.

2. Customize your message notifications

You can even customise your message notifications in Android 11 to make certain contacts fall under the important or priority category and keep conversations together, simply by enabling them in Settings. You can have messages appear in the form of bubbles on top of any other active programmes.

3. You can Install apps outside the Play store

Unlike iOS, you can download apps from other sources or web instead of company's own app store or Google's Play store. If you don't find something there, you have the option to go to other Play Store or online websites too. However, if you do that, then you need to ensure that you are downloading from a reliable source. It is quite dangerous to download from other sources

4. Don’t underestimate Antivirus

Android is far more open than iOS. Having an antivirus is extremely important to avoid any malware attack. Though Google has its own built-in security, having anti-virus can secure your smartphone from multiple attacks and viruses.

5. Upgrade your Storage

One of the biggest advantages of Android over iPhones is that some versions allow you to expand your storage capacity using a microSD card.

This not only expands the amount of media and apps you can store on your phone, but it also allows you to transmit vast amounts of data between your phone and other devices.

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