iPhone 14 with eSIM! What is eSIM? How to get an eSIM in India right now?


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The iPhone 14 is expected to get an eSIM-only connectivity and if you want to know more about the technology, here’s everything.

iPhone 14 with eSIM!

The iPhone 14 moving to an eSIM-only mode could be another one of  Apple’s “courageous” moves next year, if the leaks hold an ounce of  truth. Having an eSIM-only configuration translates to no SIM card slot  on your next iPhone. This could affect the way you use phones and may  even affect your buying decision once the rest of the industry picks up  the trend.

Wait, are you wondering what exactly is eSIM? Have you heard of it  somewhere previously? If you wonder what eSIM is, you are reading the  right story. We have collated everything you need to know about the eSIM  technology and how it is going to affect your smartphone usage habits  in the future.

What is eSIM?

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module and eSIM is simply a  digital version of the same. In layman’s English, eSIM technology  connects your smartphone, smartwatch, and other devices to your chosen  network operator digitally. There’s no need for a physical SIM card in  eSIm enabled devices; users simply need to download their eSIM profile  from their operator and get going.

eSIM means no SIM card?

You won’t be dealing with a physical SIM card like you do with a  modern-day smartphone. Instead, you register for the eSIM connection  with your operator and they either send you a code that downloads your  SIM profile data to your device.

What is the benefit of eSIM?

With eSIM, your phone has one lesser port to deal with. Hence, with  an eSIM, your smartphone can have better waterproof rating as well as  make space for other bigger components; a bigger battery for example.

What are the drawbacks of eSIM?

Since there’s no physical card available, changing to a new  smartphone will require you to visit the network operator store every  time.

Does any smartphone currently use eSIM?

A lot of smartphones use eSIM. Every iPhone model since the iPhone XR  supports an eSIM connection alongside the standard physical SIM card  slot. eSIM connectivity can also be found on several Samsung Galaxy S and Note devices, as well as the older Google Pixel models.

Do smartphones only use eSIM?

eSIM tech has been widely used on smartwatches lately. If you buy the LTE versions of the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, you are dealing with an eSIM inside. On  the Apple Watch Series 7, you can download your eSIM profile from your  paired iPhone directly via the Watch app.

Which network providers in India offer eSIM?

Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea (Vi) offer eSIM services for their  subscribers across smartphones and smartwatches. BSNL and MTNL do not  offer eSIM services as of now.

How to get an eSIM connectivity?

When you use Jio, Airtel or Vodafone Idea, you can reach out to your  network operator. Every company has a different process for allocating  an eSIM connection. We recommend you reach out to your network operator  to get a clear idea. For example, Airtel eSIM can be had without going  to the stores while Jio eSIM cards need you to visit a Jio outlet.